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Marine Ply Replacement

Plastic Product Name: Uniboard Eco

Timber Material Replaced: Marine Plywood

Application Description:
Uniboard Eco was used to replace marine ply within a fleet of delivery van floors. The Uniboard Eco sheet successfully replaced the marine ply due to its scratch resistance, non requirement of continual painting, easy fabrication, weldability and light weight contributing to a lower fuel cost of the operating fleet.

Features and Benefits:

  • Water and rot resistant
  • Light weight
  • No painting required
  • Easily fabricated

More Information:

Dotmar’s Uniboard Tackles Plywood in Australia and New Zealand
(Press Release)

Dotmar Engineering Plastics’ “Uniboard” technology is set to make a splash in the Australia and New Zealand construction market. Uniboard is a lightweight, enhanced-polymer material that combines the benefits of plywood, marine ply, MDF and craft wood with the low weight and water resistance of plastics. Read More...

Think Greener & Replace your Timber with Plastic
(Solutions Newsletter - August 2010)

Opt for the green alternative and choose from a range of plastic products that can replace timber within any application. Wood products such as marine ply, plywood and many others have been known to shrink, rot, warp, twist and swell when exposed to moisture and humidity. Read More...

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Marine Ply Replacement