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Water Industry

Dotmar is Australia’s leading engineering plastics company specializing in the distribution, design, and manufacture of high quality engineering plastics , polyurethane and spare components to the water industry.

We provide technical guidance support to complement our comprehensive range of materials such as UHMWPE (Polystone), Nylon (Ertalon), Polypropylene (PP) or HDPE (Polystone P300). Dotmar also offers full plastic machining facilities across Australia and New Zealand to ensure that time to market in this fast moving sector is kept low.

With the acquisition of Northside Enviromech, Dotmar continues to work closely with the waste water industry and carries a wide range of products and spare parts which are used by firms operating in the waste water industry. Whether it’s metal chain, plastic drive sprockets, idler sprockets, return shoes or sedimentation flights Dotmar has your water industry maintenance solutions in hand.

Dotmar has taken its non metallic knowledge and created a range of Water Industry solutions across various segments of this industry.

Dotmar is experienced in the supply of plastic components vessels for Desalination, Water Treatment Dosing Water Storage sectors.

Applications Products Include:

  • Step screen lamina and spacer pads
  • Sedimentation tank components — for both non-metallic and metallic systems
  • Sprockets, flights, wear and return shoes, wear strips
  • Chain (720 and H78), chain attachments, bearings etc
  • Waspactor bearings
  • Centreless screw conveyor linings with wear indicator
  • Gear to drive drum filters
  • Fibreglass flights
  • Wear strips and miscellaneous items
  • Malleable Iron and SG Iron chains
  • SG Iron 720 series chain attachments
  • SG Iron sprockets 720 series
  • SG Iron sprockets H78 series
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Waste Water Industry
Water Industry Solutions
Water Industry Solutions